Digital Forensics: Computers, digital devices, and the Internet of connections in-between have become an integral part in the daily lives of billions of people.  When questions arise it is often these digital companions that hold the answers as the most reliable witnesses.

Incident Response: When a data breach or intrusion occurs, time is of the essence but it’s also essential to preserve data along the way to provide accurate and verifiable reports to customers or regulatory agencies. Our approach to incident response is based in digital forensics and guides the methodology for every engagement.

Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering: In addition to static and dynamic analysis tools, we maintain a proprietary database of malicious files, including provenance information. This data allows for quick comparisons to known files, discovery of related files and Internet sites.

Consulting: As advocates for our clients, we regularly provide independent technical assessments, review and validate third party reports, and provide supplemental support to existing teams.


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